A wide range of ESTER OILS (Group V classified) registered in the Lubricant Substance Classification List (LuSC list) and meeting the highest environmental standards of the EU. In addition, HOC supplies high-quality esters that are used for lubricants in the food industry and that are NSF HX-1 registered.

For the application of LUBRICANTS, HOC offers a wide range of product solutions for the lubricants industry. The optimization of energy efficiency, longer operating times in the face of constantly increasing requirements and the change in mobility concepts are examples of the key drivers in the development of new high-performance lubricants. In addition, new legal and regulatory requirements accompany an industry in transition.

CO2-reduction and climate protection require new solutions. Selecting the right raw materials is the key to success here. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and draw on our extensive technical expertise and product knowledge to find the right solution. Take a look at our product range and discover new and innovative solutions for a wide range of applications.

Ester oils (Group V)

Ester-based lubricants are the trend in the development of new lubricants. The excellent properties of esters with regard to improving lubricity, the high solubility and the associated increase in the efficiency of additives, the superiority of esters in improving the viscosity index compared to PAO- or mineral oil-based lubricants, as well as the good biodegradability and the high proportion of renewable raw materials open up new possibilities for meeting today's requirements for modern lubricants.

Industrial Química Lasem offers our customers quality products designed for various applications in the industrial and automotive sectors.

Automotive industry

  • Two- and four-stroke engine oils
  • Gear oils

Industrial applications

  • Metalworking fluids
  • Greases 
  • Industrial gear oils
  • Hydraulic and compressor oils
  • High and low temperature chain oils
  • Lubricants with food contact
  • Environmentally acceptable lubricants (EAL) and biodegradable lubricants

Our product range is based on:

  • Mono- and di-ester
  • Saturated and unsaturated polyol esters
  • Glycerol ester
  • Polycarboxylic acid esters
  • Lubricity co-emulsifiers
  • Complex esters
  • High-performance additives

Fatty acids

Fatty acids are used as additives or corrosion inhibitors in non-polar product formulations. In fat production, fatty acids are reacted with alkalis in order to form a soap thickening matrix. Alternatively, they are neutralized with a base, thus exhibiting properties of high water dispersibility and can be used in aqueous metalworking or metal rolling applications as emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and lubricating additives.

EVYAP OLEO fatty acids are 100% pure vegetable biobased. The products thus enable our customers to increase the biodegradability of the final product. EVYAP OLEO fatty acids are suitable for use in environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) that comply with European eco-labels.

Evyap Oleo 0899 Caprylic Acid (Caprylic 99)
Evyap Oleo 081O Caprylic-Capric Acid (C8-C10)
Evyap Oleo 0-1870 Oleic Acid (70 % Min)
Evyap Oleo 0-1875 Oleic Acid (75 % Min)
Manufacturer: Evyap Sabun Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Product shape: Liquid
Packing: Bulk ISO containers, IBC, drums

Emulsifiers / Sorbitan and phosphoric acid esters

SABO's metalworking additives are surface-active agents that offer particular advantages in the areas of corrosion inhibition, emulsification, lubrication, wear protection, cleaning and wetting. Due to the multifunctionality of many products, several properties can usually be positively influenced. Typical markets are the automotive and aerospace industries, durable goods, steel, beverage cans and metal cleaning.

Main application of our metalworking additives:
Emulsifiers with different HLB for mineral oil or synthetic based oils, which reduce surface tension, improve wetting and generally form a stable system of two otherwise immiscible liquids. Sabo offers non-ionic emulsifiers as its main types. These include ethoxylates and alkoxylates.

Lubricants that reduce friction by forming a boundary between two moving metal surfaces. As a result, overall heat generation is reduced. Typical lubricants include esters, alkoxylates, glycols and phosphate esters. Phosphoric esters also act as wear inhibitors and reduce the flammability of lubricants, corrosion inhibitors that inhibit rust and corrosion, protecting new and exposed metal surfaces.

Corrosion inhibitors can act through different mechanisms: Water displacement and film formation or inhibitors of electrical conductivity. Corrosion inhibitors include alkanolamides, phosphate esters and amine ethoxylates.

Manufacturer: SABO S.p.A., Italy
Product shape: Liquid, paste, flakes
Packing: 25 kg bags, big bags, barrels, IBC, tank truck


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