Hammonia is the Latin name of the city of Hamburg.
This is where we live. This is where we work.
Our name stands for our bond with the Hanseatic city.

Hammonia is our commitment to the Hanseatic values of open-mindedness, competence and trust – combined with a centuries-long history of trade and action. Although we are a young company, we can already look back on many years of experience in raw material sourcing and the production of oleochemical products and natural waxes.

In addition to logistics and the assurance of quality standards, we provide the necessary knowledge about the entire range of oleo chemical products and their applications in specialized industrial sectors. HOC knows the relevant markets down to the last detail. Expertise in distribution is our strength.

Our fields of application

This is where we know
our way around

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Our quality promise

Many people talk about quality
We guarantee it

The REACH Regulation

The REACH Regulation, which entered into force in 2007 (EC 1907/2006), has a special significance for all companies dealing with substances, mixtures and products, in particular companies in the chemical industry. REACH stands for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals.

REACH regulates the manufacture, import and handling of all chemicals and their products in the European Community, unless other rules and regulations have priority, such as biocides or pesticides.

Of course, the products supplied by HOC are all registered accordingly by the manufacturers.

The GROFOR Association

HOC is a member of one of the most important associations in our industry: The German Association of the Wholesale of Oils, Fats and Oil Raw Materials, or GROFOR for short. It is an amalgamation of around 150 companies from the trading areas all around vegetable and animal oils and fats, oil raw materials and fatty acids. GROFOR members are traders, producers, intermediaries, agents and service providers from all over Europe. GROFOR offers an international arbitration tribunal composed of merchants and lawyers specializing in GROFOR conditions and industry-specific trade practices.

More about the Grofor Association

The ISO Norm 9001:2015

ISO 9001: 2015 Norm is the latest standard for a QM system that HOC introduced for even better global quality assurance.

What does the QS certification scheme stand for?

The QS certification scheme stands for certified quality assurance of fresh food - from the farmer to the shop counter! Be it meat, sausages or fruit, vegetables and potatoes - food holding the QS certification mark have a precisely documented and controlled CV. The QS food inspection system covers all stages of the food chain. QS has strict requirements for all participating companies from Germany and abroad, such as traceability or hygiene. Independent auditors regularly check whether the requirements are met. We as HOC are active in the feed sector. Manufacturers of animal feed may only use approved raw materials. They have to continuously check hygiene and avoid any contamination. The goods must be checked regularly for residues of pollutants. In addition, the feed must be stored properly.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (hence the abbreviation HACCP), is a quality tool designed for food production and handling. The concept is designed to prevent food-related hazards that can lead to illness or injury to consumers. Within the framework of our QS certification, we as HOC have completed the corresponding HACCP certification.