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We support our customers in the personal care and household cleaning sector with quality and expertise. At HOC you will find selected raw materials for the manufacture of cosmetic products for hair, skin and sun care. Furthermore, for shower and bath formulations through to decorative and natural cosmetics.

As an experienced and innovative partner of the cosmetics industry, we offer you an extensive portfolio of natural raw materials. Sustainability is a key topic for us, therefore many of our products are also available as RSPO or BIO certified.

Personal Care Naturwachse für die kosmetische Anwendung

Natural and vegetable waxes

The main area of application for waxes is the modification of consistency in a cosmetic application. Thus, waxes exert a major influence on the texture and feel of the final product that goes to the consumer.

From beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, rice bran wax to wax blends and wax specialties, we offer a wide selection of natural waxes. Available in conventional and organic quality.

HOC represents Koster Keunen B.V. in Germany – one of the world's leading manufacturers of natural waxes. A wide range of quality waxes are produced at the Bladel site in Holland.

Ester-Produktportfolio für kosmetische Rohstoffe

High-grade Esters (Emmolients / Emulsifiers / Viscosity Agents)

We represent the manufacturers Industrial Quimica Lasem from Spain and Nisshin Oillio from Japan.

The broad ester product portfolio for cosmetic raw materials offers our customers a large portfolio of emollients, emulsifiers and thickeners specifically developed for personal care applications. Manufacturers of skin care, hair care, color cosmetics and sun care products will find the right raw materials at IQL and Nishin Oillio.

In addition, we supply MCT oils on palm kernel and coconut basis. Of course, also available as RSPO (MB).

Monohydric alcohol esters, polyhydric alcohol esters and monohydric alcohol esters round off the product range.

 Personal Care Soap Noodles - Seifengrundstoffe

Soap Noodles (soap bases)

Soaps are the oldest cosmetic products known to mankind. Recipes for the production of soaps for body cleansing are already mentioned in the cuneiform writings of the ancient Babylonians. Today, surfactants have partially taken over the function of soaps as detergents, but many cosmetic products still contain natural soaps. EVYAP is one of the leading manufacturers of soaps and soap raw materials. From Multi Purpose and Translucent to Medicated and Premium Soaps.

Manufacturer: EVYAP OLEO
Application: Production of all kinds of bar soaps
Afrikanische Öle in konventioneller und Bio Qualität

Vegetable essences and natural oils

African oils (Moringa, Marula, Baobab, Kalahari Melon Oil) in conventional and organic quality from sustainable, socially responsible production. Our partner is Botanica Natural Products (BNP). An award-winning family business established in 2009 and based in rural Limpopo, South Africa.

BNP's mission is to integrate the use of indigenous plants, traditional knowledge and science to produce sustainable raw materials for cosmetic applications.

BNP identifies and produces indigenous plant extracts and oils in South Africa in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. Our product: Bulbine frustescens. This range of products harnesses the power of the organic leaf sap Bulbine frutescens to regenerate the skin's barrier function and moisturize.


Vegetable fatty acids

Vegetable fatty acids are obtained from palm or palm kernel oil and are nowadays the basis of many cosmetic products manufactured on the basis of renewable raw materials. Sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources are an integral part of HOC's corporate philosophy. We and our supplier EVYAP support the production of Sustainable Palm Oil and offer products based on RSPO certified raw materials.

Manufacturer: EVYAP OLEO
Application: In creams and lotions

Vegetable fatty alcohols

Our fatty alcohols are obtained from pure vegetable oils. Our  supply partner ensures consistently high quality through the new wax ester technology. We offer the long-chain fatty alcohols (C16/18) as cetostearyl alcohol 30/70 types, which find their preferred use in the field of cosmetics and cleaning agents as emulsifiers and emollients. We offer these fatty alcohols in bead (pastille) form.

Manufacturer: Contract manufacturing for HOC
Certified: KOSHER, HALAL
Application: In creams and lotions or cleansers

However – we’re also at home
in the world of cleaning:

Ethoxylated specialties (Anionic and Nonionic Surfactants)

SABO, based in Italy, is a world leader in the development and production of specialty chemicals and raw materials used in a wide range of markets, especially for the cleaning sector.

Hersteller: SABO
Anwendung: Production of cleaning agents / No cosmetics

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