Hammonia Oleochemicals, HOC for short,
is the competent and reliable specialist for the successful marketing
and distribution of oleochemical raw materials, natural waxes and their derivatives.

Renewable plant-based ingredients form the core of our company. True to our maxim going beyond distribution, we ensure the very best possible service for our customers and our supply partners. Day after day. Regionally and internationally. And we always go the extra mile. Because we are very able to do what we do. And we love what we do.

As an aspiring family business, we combine our decades of experience in the oleochemical industry with the traditional values of Hamburg merchants. Our name stands for responsibility and reliability, for professionalism and passion. And a clear focus on the products and their applications. Our supply partners are leading international manufacturers of oleochemical products – and we represent them with the highest level of expertise: throughout Germany and all around Europe.

The Heads behind HOC

To make a big difference,
the size of the team is not relevant
The teamwork makes the difference

Patrick Knüppel / Managing Partner

Kirsten von Schwabe / Head Customer Service & Logistic

Andreas Martin / Business Director Lubricants

Elena Klein / Customer Service

Thorsten Preuss / Sales Manager Oleochemicals

Daniela Strehle / Quality Manager

Merle Ostermeier / Technical Sales Manager Cosmetics

Marc Schlüter / Managing Partner

Jaimie-Lee Stöber / Customer Service

Christian Lantz / Business Manager Natural Waxes

Stefanie Krysler / Sales Manager Oleochemicals

Kristina Kuss / Business Manager Oleochemicals

Nadine Wieczorek / Customer Service

Jürgen Bartsch / Sales Manager Cosmetics

The HOC values

One of our most
valuable goods
is the trust
of our customers

Teamwork & know-how

In our family business, the employees and their development are the top priority. Only those who work perfectly in a team and fully trust their co-workers can efficiently and successfully use the accumulated know-how for their customers.

Open-mindedness & tolerance

As a Hanseatic company, we think open-mindedly and act respectfully. We tolerate other cultures and ways of thinking. At the same time, we stand by our principles of tolerance and interculturality. We are also wholly committed to sustainability and the careful use of resources.

Aspiration & satisfaction

Our aspiration is not only to be good at what we do – we want to consistently get better: for continued customer satisfaction and long-term, common success.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct embodies our shared values and how we want to work together. In particular, our values such as personal responsibility, openness and transparency as well as conduct that complies with the law and is ethically correct at all times play an important role here.

This Code of Conduct brings together in one document our basic rules and principles, which are binding for us both today and in the future. It provides a framework for orientation and applies equally to each of us – to executives and to each individual employee.

Compliance with laws and regulations is an essential basic principle of responsible action for us. We consistently adhere to all relevant legal prohibitions and obligations.

Compliance with international human rights is inherent in our principles.

Prohibition of forced and child labor
We strictly reject any form of forced labor. Likewise, we do not tolerate child labor and do not employ young people under the respective legal minimum age.

Prohibition of discrimination
We do not tolerate any discriminatory behavior on the grounds of ethnic origin, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and identity, age, religion, ideology or on the basis of disabilities or other personal characteristics. The personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual are respected.

Adequate working conditions
The right to adequate remuneration is recognized for all employees. Remuneration and other benefits are at least in line with the respective national and local legal standards or the level of the national industries and regions. Likewise, we are committed to compliance with applicable laws related to working hours and vacation days.

Open debate
We encourage free and critical thinking and attach importance to an open climate in which employees can also approach management with critical issues without hesitation. People who express concerns in good faith about what is happening in the company must not suffer any disadvantages as a result.

Health and safety
Ensuring occupational safety and health protection in the working environment is a matter of course for us. National law and national standards are the minimum requirements.


When collecting, storing, processing or transferring personal data from employees, customers or other third parties, we take the greatest care and observe strict confidentiality as well as compliance with applicable laws and rules.

Prohibition of corruption and bribery
We do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. We reject illegal offers of payment or similar inducements to influence decision-making.

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as international standards for the protection of the environment. We use resources such as water and energy responsibly.

The HOC Mission Statement

Only those who are driven
by competence, passion
and a vision can attain
outstanding achievements
for their customers

HOC is an aspiring, ambitious company.
Our field of expertise is the marketing and distribution
of oleochemical products and raw materials within and from all over Europe.

Responsible and reliable entrepreneurship characterizes our thinking and our actions in combination with maximum flexibility and innovative power. Every day, again and again.

Together with our committed and qualified employees, expertise and efficient structures, we achieve our company's sustainable corporate success.

True to our corporate vision:

To be the partner of choice in oleochemical marketing and distribution.

Awarded Growth Champion 2024 + 2023

You aren’t having a déjà vu.
And we're not telling you the same story as last year.
We have simply been recognized once again by Focus – as the Growth Champion of 2024.

Awarded Growth Champion 2024

Year after year ... the business magazine Focus Business and Statista – Germany's leading online platform for statistics – analyze the 13,300 fastest-growing companies out of 2 million companies in 21 sectors. And the top 500 are honored with this award.

In fact, we were part of this group last year, too. But as we all know, once is not never enough. And that's why we're even more pleased to be among the Growth Champions once again in 2024!

In the Germany-wide overall ranking, we are in a solid 138th place. In terms of specific sectors, things literally went like a well-oiled clock for us: 7th place in the "Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals" category. We are once again proud of this award! Such a great confirmation of our work. A great end to the year. And, together with our sixth company anniversary, a great reason to celebrate.

We have repeatedly proven to ourselves and everyone else that growth is possible even in difficult and crisis-ridden times. Our figures speak for themselves: six years after the company was founded in 2017, we have generated an impressive 23 million euros in revenue with 14 employees and are proud to have 300 loyal and new customers worldwide. At this point, we would like to repeat ourselves and say thank you – to our customers, to our supply partners and to our outstanding HOC team.

Awarded Growth Champion 2023

The business magazine 42/2022 Focus Business and Statista, Germany’s leading online platform for statistics, have analyzed the 12,000 fastest-growing companies in 21 industries out of 2 million and awarded the top 500 of them. And yes: we are among them!

Ranked 47th in Germany and even 4th in the 2023 Growth Champions in the „Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals“ industry. We’re very proud of this award! Right on time for our fifth company birthday.

Focus editor-in-chief Robert Schneider wrote in the special issue 02/2022: „Writing about growth in times like these feels strange. Given the past Corona pandemic and Putin’s war, energy crisis, inflation shock and disrupted supply chains.“

But our figures five years after the company was founded in 2017 prove that growth is possible even in times of crisis: more than 22 million euros in sales with 12 employees and 300 satisfied customers worldwide.

We say thank you – to our customers and supply partners and especially to the entire outstanding HOC team!