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Raw materials for animal feed production

QS / GMPplus certified quality

The perfect energy source for demanding dairy cattle feeding. High-quality vegetable rumen-stable fat that provides energy and essential long-chain fatty acids, making it indispensable for the rearing and feeding of dairy cows.

Rumen-stable fats

Rumen-stable fats – also called dry fats/fat powder – for dairy cows and beef cattle based on pure vegetable fatty acids – palmitic acid (C16: min 85 %).

EVYAP OLEO 16/85 is a well-known fat raw material for the animal feed industry, produced from natural palm oil or certified sustainable palm oil (RSPO). Our dry fat meets a pressing need in the non-GMO market in Europe: high-quality vegetable rumen-stable fat that provides energy and essential long-chain fatty acids, making it indispensable for rearing and feeding dairy cows with high productivity requirements.

Malaysian manufacturer EVYAP is one of the leading producers of pure vegetable raw materials and in particular GMP+ FSA certified fatty acids.

Due to its excellent technological and material properties, EVYAP OLEO 16/85 dry fat – produced in one of the most modern manufacturing plants in Southeast Asia – has become established in many dairy farms worldwide. Unlike rumen-protected saponified fats (palm potassium soaps), this easily digestible fat is not absorbed in the rumen, even under unfavorable acidic conditions, but only in the small intestine. It is therefore called rumen-stable. EVYAP OLEO 16/85 is used by many customers to increase milk fat, but also to support milk yield.

Manufacturer: Evyap Sabun Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Certified: Kosher, Halal, HACCP, RSPO, GMP+ FSA
Product shape: In beads
Packing: In 25 kg paper bags on pallet / 650 kg big bags on pallet

Emulsifiers for milk replacers

SABO®NUTREEM R 20 is a glycerol polyethylene glycol ricinoleate, E 484, approved as a technological additive in animal nutrition according to the Feed Additives Regulation EU / 1831/2003 "EU Register of Additives" in relation to Directive CEE 70/524.

SABO®NUTREEM R 20 features a convincing emulsifying effect in the field of calf milk substitutes (milk replacers). In addition, the products show very good surface tension reducing properties. This means foam reduction, improved wetting of the end product, but also dust reduction and dispersion optimization. The emulsifying properties of SABO®NUTREEM R 20 are mainly needed in milk substitutes produced by spraying fat onto powder, the so-called “dry process". SABO®NUTREEM R 20 is used in low dosages for instantization in spray fat concentrates. This supports the formation of small, evenly distributed fat particles. This means that a larger surface area of lipids becomes available for enzymatic activity in the digestive tract. In milk replacers based on vegetable proteins, SABO®NUTREEM R 20 can improve the dispersion and solubility of the powder and thus reduce sedimentation, which leads to better feeding results.  In addition, SABO®NUTREEM R 20 emulsifiers are characterized by a strong anti-foaming effect. SABO®NUTREEM R 20 is dosed either as powder on carrier, via a premix or via an oil mixture.

Manufacturer: SABO s.p.a.
Certified: GMPplus / FAMI QS
Product form: Liquid
Packing: IBC / Tanker

Feed Additives

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